Several sample reports are shown beneath which are representative of homes often seen in this region.

Typical Rehab

Often referred to as a “flip”, properties such as this often have significant cosmetic upgrades however may still be functioning with original systems, such as plumbing or electrical, and could also have older un-retrofitted foundations.

Recent Construction Estate

This is a report on an estate style home which, although newer, is approaching a time for needed upgrades. There were also several construction defects present which were of safety concern

Typical Mid Century

This was a mid century home which was overall in good structural condition with some errors in the installation of systems such as roofing, HVAC, and electrical. This is a good representation of the most common type of home inspected.

Small Lot Development

These are becoming more common in this region due to an increasing need for density and affordable housing. The dwelling itself is generally owned by the individual while an HOA is responsible for common elements and site conditions.

Condominium / Artist Loft

Converted spaces such as this are popular in the dense city centers and are generally of recent construction in older buildings. This particular unit was very well kept with minimal improvements needed as is often the case with this type of dwelling.