Several sample reports are shown beneath which are representative of homes often seen in this region.

Typical Rehab

Often referred to as a “flip”, properties such as this often have significant cosmetic upgrades however may still be functioning with original systems, such as plumbing or electrical, and could also have older un-retrofitted foundations.

1920’s Construction

This is a report on an older estate style home which has aged well overall. Some finishes and systems such as HVAC were newer, however, upgrades were needed to plumbing, electrical, and seismic stability.

New Construction with Pool

This was a home at the tail end of the construction process and shows some issues common with a new build. This home did not yet have gas service hooked up but was revisited at a later date to confirm operation of fuel burning appliances.

Recent Construction Townhouse

This townhouse was of newer and high quality construction. Some items were noted which needed attention, however, it was overall in good repair.