Hi, my name is Ryan Horton. I have been a Los Angeles Resident for just over 30 years and grew up in the the Hollywood and Foothill communities. I now call Altadena home with my wife and almost 3 year old son. I ended up in real estate inspection after a long career in various building and fabricating trades as well as project management. To date I have completed close to 2000 individual inspections and am a member of two of the most recognized professional organizations – ASHI and CREIA.

Our present circumstances with the Covid-19 outbreak, however horrible, gave me a chance to re-evaluate many of my daily routines and led me to the decision to transition from employee to business owner. It was a tough decision to leave the security of an established business and team atmosphere but I think it was the right one. I believe that on my own, I can provide a higher level of service, and deliver a better product, while also being more present in my life at home.

I added this blog to my website to post stories and advice relating to things I see on the job. Also for search engine optimization, isn’t that why most people do? Check back here for that and the occasional nice view from a rooftop.

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